Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Birthday, Another Post! WHAT?!

On Saturday, Judah, our baby, turned 4 years old. It is nearly impossible that this child should be four. I don't have any idea of where the time has gone. Cliche, I know, but it is so true. I am so glad to be out of the threes with all of my kids (although I wouldn't hesitate to have more kids to go through the threes with. Just sayin').




2010 (Someone was introduced to Home Alone!)

2011 before we left WA

Dear Judah,
Wow! You have been incredibly patient as you've helped all of us in our family celebrate our birthdays! First Mommy's, then Daddy's, then Jayden's, then Josiah's! Now you finally get to celebrate your birthday and as we are apt to do in our family: we'll celebrate in little ways all week long! On your birthday DAY we went to Sea World (yay for season passes!) and McDonald's for lunch and then on to have cake AND brownies with cousins who are in town. Birthday presents were of the Thomas and Cars 2 variety with a little Captain America thrown in for a kick!

Judah, you are a delight to your Mommy and Daddy. You have Daddy's sense of humor and are always worried whether I am "happy to you". Baby boy, I couldn't be any happier "to you" than I already am! You make me smile on days when I'm overwhelmed and think that I canNOT do one more thing. Yet, you raise those crazy eyebrows and tell me some ridiculously hilarious plot and I suddenly have to just squeeze you and kiss your sweet cheeks!

I hope you will find your delight in the Lord, dear Judah, and that He will make you smile. We know that all good things come from our Father, and you are one of those very good things that He has blessed my life with. I love you, Judah-boy!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby Jayden!


You are, unbelievably, six years old today. In my wildest imagination, I didn't see this day coming. This day that my middle boy, my one who has my temper, my one who needs to be held more than any other, has turned six.

You have grown up so much in the last couple of years. You went from being "violet" with your temper to beginning to learn how to control it. You've become a better playmate for your brothers and even a better cuddler! Sometimes, like today, you break my heart with your sweetness, telling me that I sing pretty and that you like my songs. And you think that I can make anything! So I find myself trying to please you by making your quilt and making you, of all things, a stuffed rhino! You're a creative kid who doesn't let the normal "this is going to be too hard, so let's don't do it" get in your way! Make Luke, your leopard, a roller coaster? Sure, let's get on that!

You have grown in the usual ways, of course, as well. You've become an excellent reader, way better than I would have expected at your age. You are brilliant in math, much like your father. You have a killer throw and an amazing golf swing. You're our most natural athlete but you've got stiff competition in your brothers! I love to get your notes that you give me: "Jayden loves Mommy. Mommy loves Jay." Or my favorites are the ones that read: "Jay loves Jana. Jana loves Jay."

Your love of color and crowns, animals (real or stuffed), chocolate milk, and peanut butter...all of these things make you awesome. You are still our "best eater," willing to try anything whether it's seafood, chili, sushi or Texas Texas salsa. I love your adventurous palate, and out of everyone in our family, I love cooking for you the most.

Out of all of these things, Jayden, the one thing that makes me happiest and that gives me hope for the future even on our bad days is this: you love Jesus. You want a relationship with Him. Now, you may not always like to go to Sunday School (the whole "I have to be away from Mommy and Daddy thing" kind of ruins it for you) but I know that you love Jesus. And you know that He loves you.

Jayden, I have prayed for God to use your passion for Him. I know that He will do it.

Never doubt that I am your biggest fan, Jay, and I will call you Baby Jayden as long as you want me to.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Come On In, The Water's Freezing!

We've arrived in San Antonio, and boy, it's hot! Since we've arrived and for the next few days or weeks, we'll stay in hotel until we find a house to rent. The hotel has an outdoor unheated pool and the boys have been insistent that they be allowed to go swimming. We've been here since Wednesday night, and today, we acquiesced, only so they would realize that even though it's stinkin' hot outside, the water is not quite warm enough. We've told them and told them, but in this case, experience was the best teacher. After swimming for a bit, Josiah's lips were blue and he said, "Why would anyone want to swim in that???" Hmmm. I don't know. But one thing we do know, Daddy is a better daddy than I am a mommy! He went in with them, so Judah and Jay could go into the "deep" end (5 ft.).


After a quick shower and a wrap up in robes, they're warming up!

We enjoyed worshiping with other believers this morning, but we did miss our church in WA. This church has AWANA, so Josiah is kind of interested in being a part of that which is kind of surprising, but he had visited AWANA with a friend in WA, so maybe since he kind of knows what to expect, he might not be so intimidated. He has decided that he wants to live in Texas forever. He might have gone too far though when he said, "I like the Longhorns." I told him to get out of the van. I don't kid about these things. If he's not going to be an OU fan, he can root for A&M, but UT? Wars have started over less.