Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby Jayden!


You are, unbelievably, six years old today. In my wildest imagination, I didn't see this day coming. This day that my middle boy, my one who has my temper, my one who needs to be held more than any other, has turned six.

You have grown up so much in the last couple of years. You went from being "violet" with your temper to beginning to learn how to control it. You've become a better playmate for your brothers and even a better cuddler! Sometimes, like today, you break my heart with your sweetness, telling me that I sing pretty and that you like my songs. And you think that I can make anything! So I find myself trying to please you by making your quilt and making you, of all things, a stuffed rhino! You're a creative kid who doesn't let the normal "this is going to be too hard, so let's don't do it" get in your way! Make Luke, your leopard, a roller coaster? Sure, let's get on that!

You have grown in the usual ways, of course, as well. You've become an excellent reader, way better than I would have expected at your age. You are brilliant in math, much like your father. You have a killer throw and an amazing golf swing. You're our most natural athlete but you've got stiff competition in your brothers! I love to get your notes that you give me: "Jayden loves Mommy. Mommy loves Jay." Or my favorites are the ones that read: "Jay loves Jana. Jana loves Jay."

Your love of color and crowns, animals (real or stuffed), chocolate milk, and peanut butter...all of these things make you awesome. You are still our "best eater," willing to try anything whether it's seafood, chili, sushi or Texas Texas salsa. I love your adventurous palate, and out of everyone in our family, I love cooking for you the most.

Out of all of these things, Jayden, the one thing that makes me happiest and that gives me hope for the future even on our bad days is this: you love Jesus. You want a relationship with Him. Now, you may not always like to go to Sunday School (the whole "I have to be away from Mommy and Daddy thing" kind of ruins it for you) but I know that you love Jesus. And you know that He loves you.

Jayden, I have prayed for God to use your passion for Him. I know that He will do it.

Never doubt that I am your biggest fan, Jay, and I will call you Baby Jayden as long as you want me to.



  1. Happy Birthday Jayden! I'm glad you updated Jana. You are missed!

  2. Awww! So sweet. I love his notes to you.

    Happy birthday, Jayden! Don't grow up *too* quickly...that's too hard on us mommas! :)


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