Monday, July 21, 2008

Everyday Adventures

Today was the first day back at keeping the "other" kids since Bounce's misadventure on the trampoline (*spit*...that trampoline is dead to me!). We loaded up to run our Costco errands as Ju Ju Bees has a little over a week til his first birthday, and I can't run out of formula just yet. I promise the shopping part of the trip was the fastest I'd ever had at our dear warehouse store. Three items! AND they now have a self-check lane! Yes! Which was very good because EVERYBODY and their dog came to Costcompany (as DH likes to call it) today. After the shopping part, we got slices of pepperoni pizza for the "bigs" and a hot dog (of course) for Bounce. Ju Ju Bees and I just kind of ate off of everyone's plate (that's the beauty of being the mommy-figure (a friend called it the Mommy-tithe. I like it. We'll go with that.) Of course, it doesn't lead to any good things for the Mommy's figure, though, but I digress. Anyway, as we were eating our pizza/hot dog feast, Bounce says, "Mmmm. Mmmmm. I wuv macaroni and cheese pizza!" It took me a minute to figure out that's what he was calling the pepperoni pizza. Hey, it's all Italian, right? Have I ever mentioned that my kids are cute?

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