Saturday, February 7, 2009

Now, That's Funny!

I just thought I'd write a short post and let y'all "hear" some of the funny things my kids say. You know, the ones that make me turn my head away from them and smile, so I won't hurt their feelings or cause them any more long-term angst. Usually what I really want to do is double over laughing, but I figure I've given them enough fodder for years of therapy already, so I try to keep the laughter to a minimum.
The background for most of our life is the fact that my boys live and breathe "Star Wars," so almost everything I hear I have to keep this in mind. A few weeks ago, Bounce had made a Lego "gun," and he was waving it around and saying, "I killed dem. I killed the bad duys." I told him then, "Hey kid, you're too violent!" Just this week, Bounce was saying it again, waving this massive Lego gun around and promising death to all, and SWK jumped in and said, "Bounce! You're too violet! Isn't he too violet, Mommy?" I, of course under my breath, said, "Um, yes, he is looking a little purple today." Huh?
This morning, the "big" boys were watching a movie in the office (where the dinosaur VCR is!), and I took them some blankets in to cuddle up with. Ju Ju Bees toddled in with me of course. He then proceeded to try to steal the remote. Bounce wouldn't let him, so Ju Ju threw his own sippy cup at Bounce. Bounce got all up in arms and yelled at Ju Ju (this usually happens about 27 million times a day!), and when I asked what was going on, Bounce explained that Ju Ju was trying to steal the "commode." Wow, that's heavy, man!
Have a happy Saturday!


  1. I think you need another one...or two!

  2. That boy, always trying to steal the commode!! You're really gonna have to watch him!


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