Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Revisited

In light of the previous post, I thought I'd better come clean. We didn't really give Ju Ju the day off.
Some background for the uninformed (or as we like to say around here: the clueless): I'm teaching the boys that when they are finished with a meal, they are to clean up their spot by cleaning their plates into the trash and putting their plates, silverware and cups into the sink (they still mostly use character plates that are plastic, so don't cringe too much!). Ju Ju is really getting into this part, so he's always ready to help someone out (SWK--who is a master manipulator) when asked. "Tay," he says if asked to help out. (By the way, have I mentioned how cute this critter is??)
Tonight, I made pizza (last minute, but still muy "delious") (No, that's not misspelled...ask DH for the story). The boys prefer it without sauce and since I didn't want to whip up any marinara, I just made theirs and then I made mine with mozzarella and tomatoes (from my garden!) with a bit of garlic powder and basil. It'd make you cry it was so good..Oh, and it was thin crust, but I rolled the dough up and tucked in some mozzarella so it would kind of have that stuffed crust thang going on. Like I said, "Delious." Okay, here's a picture.
Back to the real story (boy, can I tangent or what!?): I also whipped up some Choc-oat chip cookies with wheat germ and flax seed (don't knock it til you've tried it! My boys (and I) LURVE them!). SWK made the comment as I was putting some cookies into bake, "Wow this is just like a restaurant!"
"How so?"
"You're cooking and Ju Ju is our servant!"
At first, I thought he meant "server" but now that I think about it...
Makes you wonder who's really in charge, huh?

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  1. Isn't it wonderful when you make a meal that no one fusses about having to eat?


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