Monday, August 23, 2010

B90 Week 8

Well, hello there! Where have you been? Oh, yeah, it's moi that's been absent for a bit long! There's much to tell but the days have been short and there never seems to be enough time to catch up on it all...including my Bible reading! I'm still about 3 days behind, but I'm still reading!

Actually, I just finished the Psalms last night and then read about 10 chapters in Proverbs today. It was the first time I'd read all of Psalms 119 since my friend had passed away the week after our Psalm 119 Bible Study ended. All kinds of thoughts swirled around as I read, but suffice it to say, that the Lord's word is good.

Since DH spent the day at home with the summer cold that we've all had, I had to use the time to accomplish some things that can only happen when there is someone to entertain Ju Ju. So I painted the office (oh, yes, that project) and I also mowed the lawn, reprimanded Layla for chewing up the neighbor's newspaper, apologized to the neighbor, etc. etc.

So, there's still much to say, but for now, I think I will go hang out with my children for a bit. DH and I spent the weekend away (10-year anniversary) and some lovely friends cared for our kids while we gone, but my boys like having their mommy and daddy home!

Check in with Amy at Mom's Toolbox if you're reading along with us and need some encouragement!


  1. Good for you! Don't give up :)

  2. Happy Anniversary!!
    Hope you had a wonderful time with your husband.
    I read Psalms recently too and I really enjoyed it. Like you said, The Lord's word is GOOD! : )

    BTW, I'm giving my testimony on this sunday!
    so pls pray for me! ; )


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