Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Grand Experiment (or I'm Trying to Be Brave)

Well, here it is! My DMILove, as I was taking pictures of our mundane life, told me "You should have a blog." I think it was mainly a joke, but partly so she could see pictures of her extraordinarily cute grandsons! While I help others preserve their pictures and memories, I'm a slacker when it comes to mailing out photos myself! Sorry, Mom (DH's mom, but my Mom in love!). My own dear Mama passed away 8 years ago tomorrow. She would've been totally crazy over these boys as she was over all her grandkids!

Anyway, so this blogging is a grand experiment on my part. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I will struggle through this adventure (as I have with motherhood) and learn as I go. Hopefully, I won't mess it up too badly (I pray that over my boys, too!) and it'll be great fun!

About the title, one of my niece's (in FL) would walk herself through scary situations by saying "I'm okay, I'm okay." I think of her when I'm trying to be brave! Amazing, the lessons learned from a tot!

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