Friday, May 2, 2008

He Zigged When He Should Have Zagged

Well, I was enjoying another leisurely morning here with the boys (three of us still in pajamas at 11 a.m.) and since the Baby likes to take awhile before he eats a full breakfast of muesli and prunes (appetizing, I know!), we were just finishing up that task. Only I did what I should know better than doing and I was feeding the Baby in his exersaucer. Now, the Baby loves his exersaucer, and he LOVES to bounce in it (much to the chagrin of his big brothers whose favorite show, Star Wars, is a little hard to listen to when there's a bouncer in the house!). So, back to the original story, as I was feeding the Baby his prunes, he bounced. Thankfully, only one nostril was completely impacted when the spoon overshot his mouth, and the prunes landed mostly up his nose. Just another exciting time around Boyland.

On a similar note, Lego fruit snacks are great for building towers and pyramids.

Oh, and in the time it's taken me to type this, we're down to two still in pajamas. Guess which two! Thanks, DH, for working hard everyday, so I get to stay home, take care of the boys and their playground (our house) and wear pajamas til noon if I feel like it. You're great!

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