Saturday, July 12, 2008

It All Started with the Trampoline

For those who have given me a hard time about being a really bad slacker-blogger this week (namely Middle Sister), I have a really good explanation.
Well, I did mention that we have three boys, right? And I did mention that one of those boy's web-name is Bounce, right? It's for a good reason. He's our all-or-nothing boy. Either he is the most charming, sweetest, funniest kid or (OR) he's not, to put it mildly. He's also our most active boy by far. There isn't anything that SWK can do that Bounce can't do bigger and (sometimes) better. SWK nearly broke his nose when he was 2. So Bounce had to have a stitch beside his eye at 2 and a half. SWK falls down and scrapes his knees, so Bounce has to do the same and leave scars. However, SWK hasn't ever done what Bounce did on the 4th of July.

On the 4th, we were over at our neighbors who have a trampoline. Now, last year on July 3rd, their younger daughter (the one who has intentions of marrying SWK when they are 14) broke her ankle in three places. She's had two or three surgeries to correct it so that her growth plate isn't affected. Now, why we would let our children on the very same trampoline is a mystery to me. Because we're stupid! That's why! "It won't happen to our kids!" Well, I'm here to tell can and it did.

Bounce broke both his lower bones in his right leg. Thank Jesus that it's a level 2 break that doesn't look like it will affect the growth plate. We went on Wednesday for the cast, but I don't have pictures of that yet. He's off pain meds for right now, but pray for patience for both him and me. He's a "yell-y" kid anyway, and this inability to be completely mobile has not made things better!

He's figured out how to crawl, so he and Ju Ju Bees are having crawling contests, or rather, Bounce is trying to crawl faster so Ju Ju Bees doesn't "wobber" on his cars!
This picture of Bounce and the kitten (and the yogurt; remember it's his favorite!) was so sweet. He and the kitten rested for a good 45 minutes together. I kept checking on the kitten to make sure he was still breathing, but all I could hear was a deep resounding purr. I almost tried to convince DH that we needed to keep the kitten (it's the neighbors...the ones with the trampoline), but then I shook myself...violently!

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