Thursday, July 31, 2008


Jesus has been busy with our family this summer, and I'm so thankful that He is always there, always with us, always the strong tower that we Mommys need when our babies are hurting.

Bounce went to the doctor yesterday for his leg, and if our doctor could've guaranteed that Bounce wouldn't have started using his leg too much, he would've taken the cast off then. But, he said that for sure next Wednesday the cast will come off! Yay Jesus! and another sideline praise to that is that I actually had the presence of mind to say what I was thinking in the office. I told Bounce right away, "Yep, Jesus has been busy knitting your bone back together, huh?" Bounce said, "Yup" as only Bounce can, and the dr. said, "Yep, you're keeping Him busy, huh?" Bounce said, "Yup, Jesus is good like that!"

And on another note, Ju Ju Bees had his surgery today and everything went like clockwork. He'll be on pain meds for several days, and Sunday won't be fun when we take the dressing off, but I'm so grateful to Jesus that He held my baby during the surgery, guided the doctors' hands to use thread smaller than a human hair, gave them all the wisdom they needed to administer the right anesthesia, and gave them the compassion to care for not only the children but the hurting and worried families. We were reminded so many times at Children's Hospital today that this birth defect that Ju Ju Bees was born with is so minor. He'll be perfect in 6 months, yet there were so many kids there today who may never be okay on this side of Heaven. My heart broke for all those parents who wouldn't be carrying their babies home today and maybe not ever. I prayed for each one that I heard crying that he or she and their family would feel the peace and comfort of Jesus. Man, it really puts things in perspective, I tell you. Not that I didn't get frustrated with the other two boys tonight when they weren't quick to obey, but I am so much more grateful for three healthy boys than I was this morning.

My sister Cowgirl came to stay with us this week with her son, Firecracker. They are helping us out with the boys while I take care of Ju Ju Bees. Here is a picture of her with Ju Ju Bees (he's feeling good with oxycodon) and one of him presurgery. Thank you to all who were praying for my boy today. You'll never know how much we appreciate it!

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