Thursday, August 7, 2008

One Down, One to Go

Bounce looks a little apprehensive...

Apparently, the saw tickles just a bit! Sorry the photo is a little blurry!

Wow, there is a leg under there!

Well, as stated before in the last post, we've all had an exciting summer. My parents-in-love have especially been hard hit with adventures with all of their kids. My little family has, for right now, decided to slow down a bit (oh, please Jesus!).
Bounce's cast came off on Wednesday. The good news is that he doesn't have to go back and that his leg was indeed inside that cast! The bad news is that he hasn't regained full strength of it. Since it was bent at 2 ninety degree angles for about 5 weeks, it is understandably stiff. He did finally start walking a teeny bit on it today, very tentatively and at first only if he was standing on my feet (great idea of mine, I might add!). Then I finally was able to get him to take a few steps on his own with me holding his hands. It's sad to see my Bouncy Bounce be so cautious. We had planned to "go to Ducky Cheese (yes, that's Chuck E. to those who don't speak Bounce), play hockey, golf, bowling, and baseball" (of course, this was all Bounce's idea!) the day he got his cast off, but I don't think any of us were prepared for what could be several more days of crawling, scooting, etc. I think by the weekend or maybe early next week he'll be fine though.

Ju Ju Bees goes in the morning to have his catheter removed, and maybe, just maybe we can start enjoying the 80 degree weather we're having right now! Some good news on Ju Ju Bees part: He can stand up on his own from a sitting position! This just started this afternoon after several days of what looked like him trying to stand on his head! The kid is cute! He also walked the farthest ever has today. I'll include pictures of his first birthday celebration next time. Oh, nevermind, here's the gist of it:

And here's one more of my sister and her son with our band of wild Indians. DH took the pictures, so that's why he's absent in these.

So here's one of dear old Dad and Ju Ju Bees (just for you, Mom!)

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