Friday, September 19, 2008

Mercy Gracious!

Well, Ju Ju Bees has thrown his first official temper tantrum. He wanted to hold his own drinkable yogurt last night, and I, being the cruel mother that I am, wouldn't let him. Oh, I know, let him have some independence. I ask you, do I look crazy? Read some posts a few days (weeks?) back and see what I'm talking about. The ones that ended with me mopping the floors. Those. Oh, yeah, you see what I mean now, right? Besides, it was cute. The temper tantrum, not the yogurt. Yogurt is yogurt. Unless you're Bounce, then yogurt is love, life and all that is right with the world.
Speaking of Bounce, he came in today from the yard to let me know that Layla and Titus had found "Co-ee's" snake. "Oh, good," I say and just barely pay attention so I can finish putting an ad up for my sister's horse (which by the way, if you need a good (read: Loco!) horse, call me). Bounce goes back outside and then comes back in, "See, Mommy?" I turn around, and lo and behold, the kid (the three-year-old kid) is holding a snake almost as long as he is. Snikeys! Ju Ju Bees is heading quickly toward the open door and may I mention, the SNAKE! I tried to remain calm; I am after all a country girl and a homeschoolin' mama. "Um, Bounce, let's take that outside, okay." "Okay, Mommy!" I could just see a snake loose in our house (I'm sure my mama felt the same way when I punched the holes too large in the jar that I kept my snake in when I was in 9th grade...oops! Another story, another time.) So, congratulating myself on my calmness, I grabbed my camera and went outside to take these:

If you're wondering why this one is a little blurry, just think about the fact that I'm taking a picture of my three-year-old holding a snake. No reason. No reason at all.
So, that's just some of the stuff that's gone on at our house this week. The other stuff is too funny and I can't type it without snorting in laughter. DH hates it when I get stuff on the computer monitor. I shall not type it here. Oh, and the children would be too embarrassed to read it in 10 years. All I can say, boys are funny little critters!

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