Thursday, October 2, 2008

It IS All About Me...or Not

Well, I've reached the 3* and 1/2 mark today. Today is my half-birthday, and yes, I do celebrate it. I also celebrate my birthday (and those of my kids and husband) for a whole week. I LOVE my birthday! Now, my half-birthday isn't as important, but regardless, it is a special me, at least. So, for my half-birthday, I had pumpkin pie for breakfast. Okay, so I bought a Costco pumpkin pie yesterday for Bounce and me, and I probably would've had it for breakfast regardless of half-birthday or not! But I justify.

Today, we've got a homeschool class at the Y. SWK has PE with other 5-8 year olds, and Ju Ju Bees and Bounce hang out with other smaller kids in the "Small kids" Room. That's how we have to refer to it now, so Bounce will go. He wouldn't go when we called it the Baby Class. Huh. Wonder why? Actually, I do wonder why because ever since he was born we've called him "Baby Jay." Now, he says, "Baby! That's part of my name." Yup, and he's three years old.

Ju Ju Bees just brought Layla's dog food cup to me. I think he's confused!

SWK, Bounce and I went on a nature walk last week to pick up some leaves for the worm bin. (Boy, I sound all granola-y, huh? Oh, well.) This is what we found instead.
The reason his hand is cupped close to his body is because of this:
I let SWK keep the caterpillar (but refused the request to keep the snake. Bad Mommy!) which he did for a full 24 hours and named him "Catty." And was I the only person concerned with the snake thinking the caterpillar would make a good lunch?

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