Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm Melting....

Okay, not really. But the snow is! Finally! I love snow, and I love that we had a very white Christmas. But we also missed church a couple of times because of the snow. A couple of events were even cancelled, including our beloved Christmas Eve service. On one hand, it was nice because we had to slow down some and were really able to enjoy spending Christmas with our family, but somethings are part of the tradition! I only went shopping twice for Chistmas this year, and you know what? Everyone was fine with what they received!
We are having a wonderful time with DH's parents, and they are surviving all this snow although Granddad has worn his coat...a lot! For Christmas, my DH gave me the gift of an insulated and sheetrocked garage; however, Lowes wasn't able to deliver the insulation and sheetrock because of the roads, so Friday, DH and Granddad went to Lowes and picked up the insulation. Saturday morning, Granddad (early riser that he is) started in on the garage. By 9 (when the boys and I stirred) he had finished insulating one half of it by himself! My task now is to move the stuff to the shed that doesn't belong in the garage anymore, so when the roads are clear and Lowes delivers the sheetrock we'll have a place to put it! Yikes! Thankfully, the snow is finally starting to melt!
Here are a few pictures of my cute boys from Christmas eve.

Tradition says that on Christmas eve you get to open one gift and that's usually pajamas. Ju Ju Bees noticed how the other boys reacted to gifts, so he quickly got into the Christmas spirit!

This year, the boys were able to open a couple of gifts each. One was the usual pajamas but the other was a new tent and sleeping bags. Then DH and I promptly kicked them out of their bunk beds, so we could sleep there and DH's parents could have our bed. The boys are loving "camping out" in their room!

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