Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Well,it started snowing here on Saturday (I think; it's been a long week). Then it snowed again on Sunday. Then again on Tuesday. And Wednesday. And ALL night last night. This is what we woke up to today. It's beautiful. It's also not fun being stuck in a house with three light-saber wielding munchkins who love to whack each other...and me. DH has made it out to work each day (mainly because he's afraid to be stuck here with us..or maybe because he's off all next week), but other than stretching our legs (or rather, our van's...wheels) on Tuesday, we've been here. We've played some in the snow, drank hot chocolate, made soup, y'know-- all the comfy things you do when you've got several inches of snow on the ground and you're afraid you can't make it up the big hill after you cross an icy bridge and that's only the first 100 yards to get out of your "neighborhood." (And I use the term "neighborhood" oh-so-loosely!) So, I have been taking lots of pictures. Eventually, I'll post them...maybe. We're quasi-hoping the snow will still be on the ground when Grandmom and Granddad come next week. DH off-handedly made some comment last night about that and then wondered aloud when the last time the Floridian grandparents had seen snow. I said, "Um, probably April when they were here and we had the freak snowstorm." Oh, yeah. I promise that July, August, and September are warm least 80 degrees!

See Layla. See Layla in all the snow. Don't worry, she's been indoors a lot lately. Did I mention that she's a big, hairy (smelly) beast? Yep. But she's sweet.

Does anyone else notice any resemblances here?

This is Ju Ju Bee's duck, and I can't remember if I've posted before about the duck-love in our house. When SWK was born, I did his room in ducks because I LOVE ducks. SWK was never much for stuffed animals (another way that Ju Ju Bees and Bounce are alike is that they love stuffed animals). When Grandmom and Granddad visited in April, they brought Ju Ju Bees this duck. It's not a small duck but it is his favorite duck. He cuddles with it, drags it around, and likes to sleep with it. Serious duck-love. Oh, and Ju Ju Bees hair? It's totally natural. No product, no static cling, just sweet, sweet downy duck hair. When it laid down on the cruise, I almost cried. DH reassured me, "It's just the humidity." Hello, we live in the rainiest part of the WORLD! (or maybe it just feels like it). But sure enough. When we got home, it sprang(?) right back up. Yay! My baby is still my baby!

And introducing....Phoenix. She's named after the foundation that MacGyver worked for. I told you we love MacGyver!

Oh, and guess what?! It's snowing outside!

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