Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year, New Deductible

Well, as my friend Aim, says, "This is life with boys." Monday night, Ju Ju Bees (all of 17 months old) broke his left arm. In the 5 minutes he wasn't with me in the kitchen, he went to his brothers' room and apparently was climbing the bunk bed. I heard him crying and ran down there and he was laying facedown trying to get up. I had a moment of "Do I pick him up? What if his back is broken? OH Jesus, help me here!" before I realized his legs were moving, his head was moving, he was crying and trying to get up. So I picked him up by his torso carefully, and I knew something was wrong with his left arm. Just the way he was trying not to move it, I knew. While I was changing his diaper, he stopped crying. He cried less than two minutes total. I decided to just watch him and see if he maybe just sprained his arm, but that resolve lasted about 30 minutes, and I decided that I was taking him to the emergency room.
DH stayed home with the big boys, and I took Ju Ju into the next big town where they got us in "immediately" (which everything still took about 2 hours) because at his age 1 foot is equivalent to 3 feet. So quite possibly, he fell "18 feet." A couple of X-rays later, and it was confirmed. He broke both of the bones in his lower arm (the radius and the ulna with the ulna being the "bigger" break). So, off we go on Thursday to get casted up! A positive note: SWK has learned a couple of new spelling words with "splint" being one of those.
I think the biggest pain for Ju Ju was the fact that Mommy dropped "Uck" in the mud outside the emergency room, so "Uck" was unable to accompany us through this traumatic event. "Silky" (Ju Ju calls him "SSSSSS") was available so all was not lost. Seriously, this kid is tough and resilient. I would've been crying like, well, a baby if it were my arm, but nope, this kid was busy trying to take his socks off, get off of my lap (in a hospital with no socks on, yuck, I don't think so!), and call Daddy on my phone. He's such a great kid. He is doing really well, and so far, it's still a struggle to keep him from climbing chairs and moving chairs so he can climb to bigger and higher things. OY!

After hearing the other boys jumping off furniture (again with the "OY!") while I was in the back Tuesday morning, I picked Ju Ju up out of his bed and walked (calmly) toward the offenders. I showed them his arm, and SWK said, "Oh, poor baby!"
"Yes, poor baby. Did you know his arm is broken?"
SWK looked at me in shock and said, deadpan, "Off??"
After trying to hide my smile, I said, "No, not broken off, but if you guys don't stop jumping off stuff, you might break yours off."
Do you think that helped? Yeah, not so much.

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