Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All Is Well

Or more accurately, "All Will Be Well." We went yesterday morning to have Ju Ju's splint taken off (SWK said, "Can't he do that at home?"...Why, yes he can! and has...about 12 times!). Oh, by the way, we didn't get a cast because the doctor was concerned that when the time (all of 11 days) came, that the saw used to take the cast off might be more traumatic than the broken arm. So, we only had a fiberglass splint wrapped with a glorified Ace bandage. Anyway, back to the appointment, the doctor said the break wasn't healed completely, but she wasn't concerned about it because she could see the bones calcifying nicely and as long as he didn't fall on it again, was still using it well grasping and holding things, and wasn't roughhousing too much, he'd be fine. She looked pointedly at the older two boys as she said the bit about roughhousing, and I quickly had to explain that it was usually Ju Ju who started (and ended) all roughhousing around our place! He's kinda like Phoenix with Layla. Layla (or the boys, in this case) will be laying around, minding her/their own business, and suddenly, out of nowhere...POUNCE! And I hear the yell, "Mommy, DET HIM!" Anyway, Ju Ju is fine and is happily staying busy!

On a lighter note: As I was putting lotion (or hand cream as DH calls it) on the boys yesterday (it's very wintry here right now!), I said to SWK, "Mercy, your legs are hairy!"
"I know!" he exclaimed.
"Well, why?"
"I don't know. Maybe because I touched Daddy's legs?"
"Yep, that'll do it."

More news: DH and I worked on the garage on Saturday between running in and checking on small children. I must say that it's a wonder our marriage is still intact. We truly do speak different languages! What does "put it down" really mean when you're talking about sheetrock? We worked for about FOREVER and were able to get two sheets up. Which means that we'll be finished in a couple of years, I think. But I do love that he surprised me with the receipts for the insulation and sheetrock for Christmas. We were snowed in and the Lowes guys were snowed out on Christmas, but they finally delivered the sheetrock last week (the day we went to get casted, only we weren't casted).

I'll try to post some pictures of the boys soon, but wanted to get this written before we had a coup!

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