Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We Need Warmer Weather

Not to complain, but I'm SICK of cold weather! It's usually around January-February when I LONG for sunshine and 75 degree weather. (Now anything hotter than 75 and I have temper issues!) The sun is shining a teeny tiny bit today, so we'll probably load up in a bit and head to a local park just to get some much needed vitamin D in our systems. Another sad fact relating to cold weather? SWK chose his own pajamas last night, so he chose a long-sleeve top, underwear, and "T-shorts." Poor kid, he doesn't even know what to call "shorts." It's because we don't ever see SUNSHINE and WARM weather on the same day. Sorry, a little rant there. Which is ironic since I hate hot weather (again, anything above 75 is hot!).
Instead this is what we wear:

Yes, Ma'am, there are seven (7) shirts on that child. A little over-kill? I think not. Okay, I really do, but he wanted to wear all seven. Why? Who knows. Why does the child wear underwear on his head to match his clothes? Don't know that either!And here's your gratutious belly shot (it was the only one with a real smile!):

Okay, off to break the ice in the dog bowls!

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