Monday, January 26, 2009

A Change of Mind

I have never liked those little shirts that say "Here Comes Trouble" because I always think, "Oh, poor kid, his mommy doesn't really love him" or some other such nonsense. Well, now I understand:

Ju Ju Bees isn't "trouble," but he does tend to wreak havoc. Usually, if there's a chair or a table nearby, it's meant to be climbed. A cushion is to be thrown and then climbed on (as in the picture), but he doesn't do it to be ornery, he's just having fun. Loads of fun! The only trouble is that I am usually the one who has to clean up the aftermath.
Then, we also have this other side:
Genius at Work!
Saturday, SWK was doing somersaults in the living room, so guess who had to join in? Yep, Ju Ju who doesn't know about the fine art of using your hands to lift yourself up. Nope! He just uses his noggin. Ouch! And then SWK was running and sliding (on his knees, no less) across the laminate floor. Guess who was right behind him? Yep.
So, no it's not that Ju Ju is trouble. Never. They don't come any sweeter than my three boys, but it's just the aftermath...kinda like Katrina.

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