Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Middle Sister

I called you today to wish you a "Happy Birthday," and you congratulated me on keeping up the blog and making it "almost informative!" (I took that as a compliment...I think it was meant that way!). "Except you didn't post today." I said, "Today's not over yet!"
I, a daughter of a man who also had many great plans, had planned to have this post up by midnight last night (Sunday). However, since I was laying in bed Saturday night when I thought of it, I forgot about it until I was almost ready for bed Sunday night. Which meant there was no way it was getting done until Monday night. So, to my sister in OK, it is still your birthday in WA! I love you! Here's a couple of great photographic hightlights of your (many!) years!

Now, in case anyone doesn't notice in that bottom picture of my middle sister and me, I'd like to point out that Ju Ju gets some (not all) of his good looks from me! I've always loved this picture of the two of us because it let me know that even though I was an "Uh OH! Baby" and not everyone was completely excited that I joined our family, if you look really close, you can see that I am loved. If anyone sees my sister soon, give her a hug from me (unless you're a stalker, then don't!).

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  1. Oh that sweet baby girl with her big sister! Love that picture! She is dressed so cute, the tights, the shoes, and the little barretts in her hair..Uh OH baby...Not! She grew up to be the sainted wife to a great man!
    The baby is the picture looks exactly like Doll use to when you have your know how cute she will be! and she will be dressed in pink!
    I am sending hugs to you....Love ya, Mom


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