Friday, March 6, 2009

My Husband Did This

My DH, as many of you know, has cold hands. No warm heart, just cold hands. I kid, I kid! But he's gone to doctors, chiropractors, etc. to try to figure out why his hands are always so cold, but to no avail. He constantly wears "hand cream" (I call it "lotion"), and we have bottles of the stuff everywhere. As a consequence of the cold hands, the man will not eat certain things the usually accepted way i.e. he uses a fork for pizza. He doesn't want to get food on his hands because he can't put his hands under his legs if there's stuff on them. Understandable. Weird, I think, but understandable. However, he has done the following to my children. My sweet, unassuming, homeschooled children. Can you imagine the ridicule they'll receive at school someday? Oh wait, school is at home, so maybe they'll be okay. Doubtful, but again, just something else to take to the therapist someday. That's our job, right? To provide them with plenty of material for the therapist someday? We're doing a great job!

Yep, SWK is eating Doritos with a fork, and Ju Ju is downing Cheetos with a fork. Of course, he also brushed his hair with the fork...and he's never seen The Little Mermaid!

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