Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Phoenix Are a Gradjiate

I saw a shirt today that said, "My German Shepherd is smarter than your honor student." Think anybody would be offended if I purchased that and wore it proudly? She did in fact graduate obedience class tonight. Tonight of all nights. The night she was trying to vomit at every drop-stay, sit-stay, etc. She has apparently ingested (i.e. chewed to smithereens, swallowed whole) and accidentally sent some FOAM down her windpipe! It was my fault as I mistakenly assumed my dogs were capable of refraining from tearing into a small piece of furniture that was destined for the thrift store. I set it on the driveway as a stopping place between the oh-so cluttered garage (sorry, again, Dad!) and the full-of-strollers van. However, I forgot to finish the process and the next morning..ta-da. Pink foam all over the yard and a puppy who is horking like crazy. Now, she doesn't bark...or at least nothing comes out. So, we visited the vet today to see if we could figure out if that is indeed what's wrong with her, but short of sending us to a much more expensive vet who actually has a deep throat scope (my technical term), we still don't know anything. Ideally, she'll show some more definite signs in the next couple of days (before we travel to OK/TX), so we can get this taken care of. Otherwise, DH is in charge...oh dear. Pray for Phoenix. And I'm being serious! Maybe she's not smarter than the honor student. That kid probably would have at least put ketchup on it or something!

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