Monday, April 20, 2009

Is This Thing Still On?

Well, mercy. As DH keeps reminding me, it's been forever since I've been on here. There are a lot of reasons for that, but the main one is that we've been out of town for two weeks, were home for two and half days and then I was gone again. I'm home now, and as of right now, don't have plans of going anywhere. I guess.
The boys and I flew to Dallas and spent a week with my sister's family and then DH joined us after that first week. Then we spent another week there, visiting family, having an Easter reunion and just enjoying being close to loved ones. I loved visiting the church were my brother-in-law is the pastor. Everything is done so well there, and I loved attending the worship services, especially the concert done on Palm Sunday. It was absolutely beautiful. The second-to-last song (there's a fancy musical term for the type of anti-climatic thingy but whatever) was so awesome that a gentleman in the front row couldn't help himself and said, "Oh YES!" Of course, that was about the resurrection Sunday and the empty tomb, death being defeated, so yes, it was an "OH YES!" moment. Couldn't blame the guy!
We had a great time, and for me, it was hard to come back to WA. We had a cousin reunion, and more than anything, I regret that my kids won't have those memories of growing up with family, especially cousins, all around them.
Here's our little family on Easter Sunday. And yes, there is a little sunburn on the "white boys." All is well now, but everyone was aglow for Easter morning!


  1. Oh my heart! A beautiful picture of a beautiful family! I am happy you all had such a great time celebrating the greatest and best thing that ever happened!!He arose as he said he would and continues to bless our lives! Good job on the blog Jana, and a good job with those four guys!
    You are all a testimony of God's grace in the life of this mom and grandmom.

  2. What a gorgeous family! They look remarkably like the Bacon family in Oklahoma?! I cried when we left you.

  3. Well isn't that a handsome bunch.

  4. Jess - you have never looked so good!


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