Thursday, April 23, 2009

What to Do When You Have "Stinky" Boys

Ever since SWK was a baby and would sit in a exersaucer-bouncy thing while I dressed for the day, I would pretend to put deodorant under his arm. With the cap on, I would tickle him under his arms with the container, and make a "shukashukashuka" noise (doesn't sound quite the same when you type it!). Then with Bounce, same thing. Now, it's Ju Ju's turn, and every morning as I'm (finally) getting around and I put on the necessities of life, he starts pointing and "Uh Uh"ing (He's not talking much yet!). So I "shukashukashuka" him as well, and he giggles, and we're good.
Well, now SWK is moving swiftly towards being a young man of 6, and he's discovered Daddy's deodorant. When we were at my sister's house, he ran up the stairs and in no uncertain terms informed me that his arms were dry and were in need of Daddy's "stuff you put under your arms." I didn't go into the details that "dry is good" when it comes to your underarms, but helped him with this easy request.
Imagine then when we get home and he comes to our room and informs me that he needs some "privacy" and swipes DH's deodorant and heads to his room, takes his shirt all the way off, and proceeds to...well, you get the idea. I asked what he was doing, and again, he said, "My arms are dry, so I need this stuff." Um, okay.
So he comes back into our room and sets the deodorant down, and then Bounce says, "I need some "private-cy." Huh? So, SWK helps him take his shirts completely off (which had taken me a better part of an hour to actually get him to put on!), and SWK shares with his brother the delicate art of applying deodorant.
Oh, if only this attitude will still apply when they are young men of 11 and 13. I'm not holding my breath now, but I probably will then!

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