Friday, July 10, 2009

Meet "Batman" and "Robin"

This is what happens when you are a little spontaneous and drop by the local farm and market stand, where, by the way, they also have a goat who feeds himself if you put the food in a can. When you are too kind-hearted to allow a pseudo-mother hen (one who has been "asked" to take in a couple of orphan chicks) to continue to peck at these invaders. I saw this heartless wench pecking at the black baby and his sister(?), and we rushed to the front of the store to ask the Farmer's Wife (that's what she goes by) if any of the baby chicks were for sale. She said yes and so I told the Farmer which ones we wanted. After much confusion, we finally figured out which ones I was talking about, and he gave them to me, for free. (I had actually already given his wife the money ($2), so I told him we'd call it good). Because the little black chick was abandoned at, hatching the day before, Mr. Farmer didn't think he'd survive. Alas, we're on day three of chick-raising. Oh, and the old saying about "there being no such thing as a free puppy/kitten" also holds true for chickens. So far, I'm out $36 for the pleasure of raising these cuties. So, no guinea pigs yet, but Bounce is Jonesing for one to add to our ever-growing menagerie. On a funny (probably not-so-funny to DH) note, when we stopped to get a lamp for the growing chicks, we saw at the local co-op that they had baby rabbits for $10. I almost got one, figuring if DH is going to shoot me over the chickens, we should probably just get it all over with at one time. So far, he's handled it very well. Oh, and it probably helped that I did show a bit of restraint and didn't get the rabbit!

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  1. You just have no idea how hard this made me laugh!


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