Friday, July 10, 2009

Mr. Memory

I had to leave the dinner table just now because I had to write this post.

We were discussing our cheeseburgers, and DH being DH said, "I love hot food. I also like to eat cow muscle. I think this burger is a cow heiney."
I felt a little nauseated, but still the discussion carried on. DH said, "Yeah, I like to eat dead animals. I also like to eat live animals, too, like Landon and Thor (the neighborhood dog who disappeared last week..don't worry, he reappeared!).
SWK said, "Landon was Fiona."
DH: "Huh? Who was Fiona?"
I explained, "Remember when we got Landon? We thought he was a Fiona, but we found out that Fiona was really a Landon?"
DH: "Really. I'd forgotten that."
I said, "Yeah, we were gone somewhere for a couple of weeks, and the Haynes' said "Fiona is a boy" when we got back.
SWK ran over to the map on the wall and said, "No, this is where we went" and pointed to the flag of California. We went to California for Thanksgiving 2007.
DH and I looked at each other and laughed because of course, SWK would remember that! DH said, "You remember everything."
SWK said, "Don't I have a good memory? Do I remember everything better than everybody?"
DH said, "Yeah, you're pretty good. What's your name?"
SWK said, without missing a beat, "Just call me Mr. Memory."

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