Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rites of Passage

Yesterday we went picking blueberries at a local farm. We've done this for a few years now (at least three) with the exception of last year since Ju Ju had just had his surgery and couldn't have cared less about picking blueberries! Sometimes we go a couple of times, and sometimes we go with friends or family (Cowgirl and Firecracker went with us a couple of years ago...and let me just say, as I was a week and a half away from delivering Ju Ju, that blueberries on the bottom are hard to reach!).
Of course, I always feel like I should pay the owners of the farm a little extra for all the sampling that has gone on in the name of, ahem, research.

Three years ago

A couple of people have grown quite a bit and another has joined the crew. Except that while Ju Ju was DEFINITELY there in body (and spirit), he was kind of a drain on the system. Bounce was my best picker (blueberries, not noses), and I relied on SWK to keep up with Ju Ju who liked to, shall we say, wander.

The quote of the day goes to SWK. After I had been on them for quite a while to pick up toys because "Daddy will be home in a few minutes," SWK said, "He's coming!!"
I thought he might have seen him drive up, so I asked, "Oh, is he here?"
SWK said, "No, I just know he's coming 'cause I have a know, like Spiderman? A sense of humor just like Spiderman."
Um, I think he's referring to Spidey's spider-sense, but I'd much prefer a sense of humor!!

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  1. Deb Terrell VolivaAugust 9, 2009 at 10:36 PM

    Hey Cuz,
    Cheers to SWK's sense of awareness, tho Spidey-sense is good :)
    Lovely walk down Memory Lane.....and you are lookin good, gal! Being a stay at home/teaching Mom sure seems to agree with you.
    BTW I really enjoy your blog, helps keep a connection with family. Maybe someday my own DH and I will motor up your way. And for future reference I will call my hubby DB, for Dear Bo :)
    Hope all the Fam in OK is well!
    Cousin Deb from California


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