Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There Was Great Jubilation

In April (possibly May but definitely before June) we turned off our TV. Meaning, we cut Dish *Work out of our lives. Since we live among the tall trees, we weren't able to get anything on our black box o'death without the Expensive Companies, so we have settled for watching DVDs or *gasp* VHS tapes. DH and I purchased MacGyver DVDs and have enjoyed them immensely, but that too came to an end a couple of months ago. So, we bought the Greatest American Herofirst season DVD and then after that we bought the first season of Magnum P.I. We usually watch one or two a week except maybe on Friday or Saturday when we get wild and crazy and watch two. During the day when I need to rock Ju Ju before nap or at night when DH isn't home, I'll watch Alias if I have it available from the library. Otherwise, the boys may watch a video (or 12) during the day, but otherwise...nada. Well, that's not completely true. We did get a converter box when they were all the rage back in June or whenever. But still the TV didn't pick up much (unless you're GMom and can somehow still get your Gaither fix!). Then GMom and GDad left, and SomeOne (I don't mean Jesus) lost the remote to the converter box. We think that SomeOne's name may begin with a "Ju" and end with a "Bees" with a "Ju" in the middle for good measure. We have scoured the house (and since we getting ready to sell, I do mean "scoured!") and cannot find the little rectangle of power anywhere. I think the remote had the same fate as the seven (7) sippy cups that we've "lost" since Mr. No entered our lives. (By the way, we had those sippy cups almost 5 years, then SomeOne joined our clan, and lo and behold we have had to buy 4 more of which we have two, so in case you're not good at math, that brings the total up to 9 that we have lost. If we'd been cats, well, nevermind considering what happened to our cat. Another story, another time.)
Man, I can digress. So, we lost the remote, and with a big game on Sunday night, there was almost weeping and gnashing of teeth. After church on Sunday, rather than fellowship with other families (we'd had enough of that, ThankYouVeryMuch), we drove all over town trying to find another converter box (they were popular in June, not so much in September). We found one at Tar-jay, and surprisingly, it was $10 cheaper than the other that we had bought at K-Smart.
When we arrived at the Casa (we had Mexican food for lunch and that always makes me want to speak Spanish), DH installed the new converter box on the TV in the living room, and LO AND BEHOLD, we actually received regular channels like Fox, NBC, etc. Like, for-real channels. So, like my title says, "There was great jubilation."
Except from me.
I, for one, have not missed it as much as I thought I would. I don't hear "I want such and such" with the exception of Lego. Before we turned off the television months ago, I'd have to listen to the "Gimme's" all the time. Now, with the exception of certain movies they'd like to have and the Lego fanaticism, I am not subjected to that. On a side note, I am subjected to the information that SWK gleaned from the TV (before we lost the remote) about my use of the flat iron. "That is really damaging your hair! You need to use such-n-such shampoo!" To which I reply, "Thank you Paul Mitchell. I'll work on that." I also know that I've gotten a lot more done since we've cut the cord, so to speak, and I could easily become a TV-aholic again. There are some funny shows and some crime shows that I LOVE, but you know what? I've not missed them. I have survived, and most days I don't even think about any of them. (I would, however, like to figure out what the heck is happening on LOST.)
All this to say, I think I'm good without the black box o'death or at least without the wee little box that has given us "all" those channels. If they could make network TV work without all the garbage, then I might be in...especially if The Closer is still on. See, I don't even know. And I've survived.


  1. OK..soo...until I got to the end of your post I thought dh got cable back!! How foolish of me...and for your bff Amy, we are going to three Gaither concerts next week...imagine the blessings in store for us!

  2. We have lived a great deal of our married life without cable so that part didn't strike me odd. BUT I have found "lost" sippy cups, do NOT open them, just throw them out. :) Have a great day.

  3. Great fun talking to you the other night. We're all still waiting for a blog update...


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