Monday, October 19, 2009

Sorry I've been absent for so long. I received an e-mail from one of my three avid readers who is desperate to read of our daily saga here at the homeplace. The e-mail stated, "September 22nd. Seriously???" Really? I hadn't realized it had been that long. I guess it has. I have written a couple of posts, but either the pictures were taking too long to load, or I had to "finish it later." Only, as you've guessed, later hasn't arrived yet. So here are a few random things on my mind:
*We have a new pastor (who hasn't arrived yet), so unofficially my duties on the search committee are complete (I guess they aren't official until he starts preaching!!).
*I know how to sew capes for Lego guys now. Aren't you glad?
*I also know how to fix a Play-doh toy gone awry.
*I have also figured out a short-cut to having a dust ruffle (my secret involves matching curtains and Velcro).
*Our house is apparently never going to sell (it's only been two weeks), and I'm exhausted from picking up said Lego and Play-doh.
*Phoenix is going to advanced obedience training tonight. She needs it as she almost ate the garbage man AND his big truck today. He didn't even pick up our garbage because he was scared of her.
*Said garbage man also tried to run her over.
*Layla, oh yeah, Layla didn't even bark.
*What we have is probably not the flu, but if I could get a day off of work if it were flu, I'd call it the flu.
*oh, yeah, I don't have a job.
*Well, kinda I do. But my bosses are short and well, bossy.
*People are difficult, but God loves them anyway.
*And I'm talking about Christians here (particularly the "difficult" part).
*Homeschooling isn't happening today. I'm calling in a sick day. (I called DH and told him I'm sick. Does that count?)
*We've also had fruit roll-ups and fruit snacks before lunch. Call the authorities.
*I made a great salsa on Friday (recipe from a friend at church). I think it was good, only I burned my tongue on Thursday with chili from Wendy's and still can't taste anything.
*Which helps in my quest for losing a few (like the weight of my thigh) pounds.
*Ju Ju has taken to whining with his bottom lip turned in to his teeth. Not attractive, and certainly not pleasant to listen to.
*Yesterday, I asked who had scattered counting bears everywhere and Bounce said, "That would be a Ju and a Duh." Yep, that is the answer to a lot of the questions around here.
*I would like to think that I could write a simple post everyday and post it for the three people who read this drivel, but apparently that is beyond me. Why, I don't know, when I'm swamped with material.
*I need to learn French (because I like it) and Spanish (because it's more useful around here and I already know some).
*I am so lazy that neither is likely to happen in the next few months (or years. Hey, I know me!).
*My new motto is "Finish the job." I tend to multi-task like most women. Only I get really sidetracked and can't remember what I was doing. I tend to follow tangents (Yeah, they call me Tan-jana for a reason) and forget to go back to the original thought/job. So, I'm trying to Finish the Job before I start a different project. Right now, this mostly translates to finish the dishes before I..." or Finish folding the clothes before I...
*I'm looking for a new motto (this one is getting old).
Well, that's what's on my mind. Oh there's so much more but I must take care of children (durn needy things!).


  1. Whew! I feel better. I almost complained about the lack of pictures...wised up quickly! Love you & them!

  2. Oh thank goodness. I was thinking we would need to start a search party.


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