Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In Case You Need Fashion Advice

Well, if you need fashion advice and you've come to me...excuse me while I DIE laughing, 'cause that's just...sad. So very sad. DH mentioned last night that when I get almost to my goal of weight loss that our "deal" (we're very big on making deals) included my getting a complete wardrobe budget to buy new clothes. I snickered impolitely and said, "That's probably gonna be a cheap deal knowing how much I LOVE to buy clothes." I hate shopping (unless it's at a thrift or a craft or a book store, then move out of the way!). In case you weren't aware of my fashionista know-how, I spent three (or four) years loving my navy blue shirts, khakis and white t-shirts. Yes, I know. And they were "topped" (really, "bottomed") off with Adidas footwear. This was not a uniform, per se. Only it was. It was my uniform. I like (and still do) navy blue, khaki and white together. It's how I roll. Only I don't wear "the uniform" anymore but that's only because I can't find the right khakis anymore. *Everyone breathes a great sigh of relief!*
So, my post was actually about this:

To accomplish this pulled-together look, you'll need: a Superman cape, a ninja mask and tie, a Venom pj top, Lightning McQueen pj bottoms (that are too small apparently), Power Ranger shoes (that light up), two pair of soccer shin guards for your arms and legs, and the can-do attitude to pull it all off convincingly. By the way, his name is Super-Ninja and yes, he does wear this quite often. Today it is the ninja mask, a regular sweatshirt and pants (hey, I think they're navy blue and khakis!) and Buzz Lightyear gloves. He plans on going into town this way. And just so you know, I will let him. Ju ju wore a Batman mask into Wal-mart the other day. At first I was concerned and thought, "what if they think an extremely short Little Person is trying to rip them off?" but then I got a grip and away we went. I worry about things like this. I know. I know.
So, when I took Bounce's picture, of course, the other two had to get in on the action. Unfortunately for you, Ju Ju had already dispensed with the outer garments and was wearing only his undergarments (or "underwears" as we are apt to call them around here. Are you scared that I homeschool?? I am.)
Notice the sticks coming out of SWK's clothing. Those are his arms and legs.

Somedays (and especially since we just got haircuts this week) he looks like a Auschwitz survivor. He eats, I promise. At My Cheeseburger Place, he can throw down two corn dogs and then wants something else to eat. He ate two pb&j sandwiches one day for lunch last week. TWO WHOLE SANDWICHES. DH brought home a pizza (1) a couple of weeks ago and I got one slice (1). Are we going to be able to afford these boys when they become teenagers?
See how I can take a tangent?


  1. True Tanjana! I do love you!!!

  2. Nice pictures! Especially of Juju in his pamper..shows to me (and to you) he is still a baby! Love it! Gmom

  3. WAHOO! Pictures...I think Josiah's build is remarkably like Brother's was?! Nub u.


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