Monday, November 2, 2009

Pumpkins vs. Perspective

October 2009
October 2008 They've grown...a little!


On Wednesday, I had thoughts of taking the kids to the zoo as it was probably the last sunny day for awhile and our pass expired on the 31st. I lolly gagged around long enough that I realized that it was too late to go. Then I remembered that we hadn't made our annual pilgrimage to the pumpkin patch. So, we rushed around and got out the door. Since we were going to the patch we always go to, I decided we should probably stop and get cheeseburgers at My Cheeseburger Place (which by the way, should I ever open my own cafe, that's what I'll call it: My Cheeseburger Place. That should make it easy for people to find, yeah?). So, we moseyed over to the pumpkin patch after scarfin' down our burgers. By the way, this is also the same patch where we got Landon two years ago (May he rest in peace (or pieces?...sorry).
Anyways, I was taking pictures of the boys on the old tractor there when I noticed my camera wasn't allowing me to manually zoom the shot. The lens was stuck, and when you have an SLR camera, that ain't good! So, long story short, my lens was broken (literally there was a piece broken inside the lens). I was downtrodden, broken and ready to throw a pumpkin at someone. The boys and I gathered up a few pumpkins and paid, then headed out to get corn dogs for SWK since he didn't eat lunch with the rest of us earlier.
I called DH to wail and moan about my lack of pumpkin pictures and the fact that my camera was busted. I then drove over to a friend's camera store and he said, "What you a new lens." D'oh!! I was afraid of that!
So, then I got a grip and realized that it was a camera lens. It wasn't my child who was broken (except by original sin, and that's an entirely different post). It wasn't my van which is also a small thing when compared to world hunger and the orphans of the world. In the scheme of things, a lens is a very small thing.
But I did miss my pumpkin pictures! Oh, and of the 68 pictures I took, I think 2 are worthy of showing here. Sad. But at least I can look at these boys in real life every day. What a blessing!


  1. They've changed so much! That thar oldest kid looks like a Bacon!

  2. I know it's all in perspective, but that is almost a tragedy in my world. I take pictures almost every day. I would be heartbroken. I hope you get a new lense soon.


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