Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Really Useful Engine

Ju Ju has discovered Thomas The Tank Engine. You can imagine my joy. We had to borrow a DVD from the library of "Doo Doo" (that's "choo choo" to your un-Ju Ju'd ears) because we have antiquated VCR tapes of Thomas but no DVDs. Normally, VCR tapes are fine; however, last week apparently our VCR decided to take a holiday for an indeterminate length of time until DH can wield the powerful MacGyver knife and fix the darn thing. I would fix it (I did the last time), but this time the problem seems to be bigger than digging out Lego pieces (12) and DVDs (out of the VCR) and taping shut the DVD side of the VCR/DVD player combo. Someone (who shall forever remain...Ju Ju) was putting extra stuff in the magic black hole. But, once again, I digress. So, Thomas has joined our family again, and Ju Ju is busy building "Doo Doos" with the kitchen chairs. He inherited SWK's old Thomas shirt that has also seen Bounce's skinny self. But now that Thomas is seeing wear every day, I had to visit the secondhand store that specializes in kids' clothes to find another Thomas shirt (yes, I could have bought it new, but why?). While I was there, I also found a pair of Thomas thermal pajamas for the Shrink. So between his new wardrobe and my washing machine, the kid can wear Thomas for several weeks in a row and at night, too (!).

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