Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Blame DH

When my children look back on their childhood and have to go to therapy two times a week, I want them to remember that it's mostly their father's fault. It's his father's fault when SWK was explaining about his new obsession, "Battleship" and said, "Y'know how you say "A1..." and I start rapping, "A1A Beachfront Avenue." It's DH's fault that SWK knew exactly what I was referring to. Poor kids. I think we should skip the college fund and go straight for the therapy fund.

I just typed out the long explanation of what is wrong with Phoenix, and Blogger lost it. Argh. So, here's the long story short: Phoenix has megaesophagus, we're feeding her up on the counter to allow the food to fall into her stomach because her esophagus doesn't push the food into her stomach. We'll do what we can as long as we can and as long as Phoenix is responding. She's happier right now and looks like she's gained some weight since the diagnosis two weeks ago.

In other news, Ju Ju has discovered being "ne---ked" (that's how he says it) and he's loving it. So, I'm off to redress the child, feed the dog (again), and perhaps clean a little house, wipe a little heiney, etc. You get the idea...another day in (my) paradise!

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