Friday, December 18, 2009

We're Still Alive...But Barely

So, it's been a month. Did you miss me. Hello? Anyone here?

Today is my Aunt B's birthday. Happy Birthday Aunt B. (Not the California Aunt B., but the Oklahoma Aunt B. and certainly not the Aunt Bea from Mayberry). Anywho, we're still here, but we've been dealing with LIFE (as it were) so I've even been absent from the computer on some days.
We've been to California, I've been to Oklahoma/Texas, to the vet(twice), to the doctor (twice) and to Crazy quite a lot. I like Crazy; it might be my favorite place. (By the way, SWK is excited that I finally used the 'z' in my typing.)
We're still working on learning to tie someone's shoes, putting eye drops in someone else's eyes, and dealing with Dr. No aka Bounce.
Well, that's the long and short (okay, mostly the short) of it, and I'll give the long versions later. But for the vet again.


  1. I love the new photo! Thank you for sharing. Kisses to the boys from Nawnaw!

  2. Yes you have been missed and we are all still here. But first I have to say that new picture is the best yet! They don't look wild they do look like a lot of fun. Well, a little wild I guess.
    So sorry about Pheonix....hope the vet can fix her up.
    We will stay tuned.

  3. WHEW you make me exhausted! It was good to see you last night. Merry Christmas to your family.


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