Monday, December 28, 2009

Shortest Post...Ever

Saturday, I felt a little like the mouse in "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie..." I took out some trash and while I was outside, I decided to clean up the toddler bed we had in the shed. So I cleaned up the toddler bed outside (did I mention that it was 30-something degrees outside and getting dark?) which reminded me that I still needed to clean out the van (driving around with DH does that to me (or rather, he does!). So I put in the new filter for the Shop-Vac and got a couple of trash bags for all the Lego and trash that I knew I would encounter. Sure enough, I wound up with two Wal-mart sacks of toys, Lego, and socks (Ju Ju has an annoying habit of de-socking himself in the van if he's in there for more than 2 minutes, and since we live 15 minutes from civilization, well, let's just say that there were a LOT of socks). Then I collected a sack of lollipop sticks, Capri-Sun wrappers and straws, and a sausage biscuit from McD's that Bounce had squirreled away in a compartment (no, it wasn't gross, just hard). Finally, I vacuumed up the remnants plus a dog's worth of hair from Phoenix. Meanwhile, I was thinking dark thoughts about two little boys in particular who "cleaned up their Lego out of the van." Whatever.

After the van had been thoroughly de-reeked, (except for washing the window (again, cold and dark...who'd know if there was a streak or not?), I headed inside to yell, I mean, speak strongly to aforementioned little boys about the dangers of leaving Lego in my van or about absentmindedly dropping lollipop sticks on the floor. (Something along the lines of: "I am pretty sure that this house of ours is not a barn nor a bar, so therefore, since you have not been raised in a barn, let's not just drop things on the floor when we're through with them, eh?" Pretty tame, don't you thing?)

This is a complete side-note: Ju Ju knows where my espresso stand is that I frequent more than once a week, so as we drive by (which we have to if we're going to...anywhere), he starts clucking his tongue to ask for a lollipop. He does the same thing as soon as we hit the front door of Mrs. Rita's house because she keeps a stash of them for any kids who frequent her house. He's cute, I tell you. Demanding, but cute. All that to say, that I usually stop to get him a lollipop (they're free), but since I'm there I get coffee, too. Ahem.

Anyway, back to Saturday, so by this time it is time to make the pizza dough, so I started that, loaded the dishwasher, and started taking down a crib. Bounce thought I was going nuts, but he was loving the new toddler bed and even requested one for "his next bed."

So, I finished taking down the crib, got the kids in the bath, took down the tree and ornaments and other decorations (those which Ju Ju had not already taken down; Mary and Joseph seem to have taken a hiatus from Baby Jesus), and finished the pizza (plain cheese, no sauce for the boys and Canadian bacon, feta cheese, olives, and artichoke hearts for DH and me).

Of course, the whole point of this post was to let you know (like you care) that for the first time in 6 years, DH and I slept in a house of our own with no crib set up in it. Not, "slept in a house with no one in the crib" because that's a different post altogether.

I think the longevity of this post lets you know that I'm not dealing well with not having a crib. DH? I think he raised the roof in his exultation and joy.


  1. Oh I had to comment...Never good not to have a crib up....once when dad decided to take our last crib down...I lost it...sort of....he immediately put the thing back up and announced that if that's all it took to keep me happy...he'd keep the thing up...albeit empty! Of course, this is after a couple of decades! It's never easy!

  2. You just made my breath catch in my throat. I feel for you. A very sad day at your house.

  3. Hey Jana! I had so much fun reading through these and remembering you. It made me wish we still lived in the same town and got to hang out. Of course we'd bring along 6 extra bodies now, but I'm sure they would love each other too! Miss you! Thanks for sharing your life.
    Kim Smith


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