Monday, January 25, 2010

Bible in 90 Days--Check In #3

Well, I'm still behind, but I'm still plugging along. I finished I Samuel last night and will begin reading II Samuel tonight. I have been trying to get in a few minutes of reading all day today, but we had a minor emergency here. The house seemed to have exploded this weekend.

In fact, in our school time, we took a detour from Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to 1939 and WWII. I gathered the boys after lunch today and explained the term "blitzkrieg." Now, I wasn't really sure whether we were going to perform one on the house or whether one had already taken place. It was bad.

So, the boys spent HOURS in their room listening to a Magic Treehouse Book on CD and "cleaning." I say "cleaning" because there sure were a lot of Lego figurines/ships/houses that were magically built while they were supposedly "working so hard." Whatever.

But now the house looks inhabitable and if someone (please, someone) calls and wants to look, we won't have to scramble so hard to clean and hide things.

But tonight, tonight I will read at least one day if not two. Head on over to Mom's Toolbox to check in with other readers! Remember, don't give up! Amy also has a cool "Kings" chart to download and print to help you keep track of all of the kings listed.

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