Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Or if your a fan of Tiny Tunes and Elmyra, you'd call it "Ob-sess-i-own." Regardless, I think Ju Ju has one. I've mentioned his love of Thomas, but these days "choo choo chain" can be anything from our dining room chairs, to a line of cars on the street, to...well, anything. As I was cropping pictures and he saw them, he said, "Choo Choo Chain!"

Nothing is safe. Oh, and don't judge us because we have a pink Barbie car; when it costs a quarter, who cares what color it is?! I guess I could whip out some black spraypaint for plastic and make it a cool black car, but will I...um, probably not. I'll just quietly pass it on to someone else before any real memories start to form for the kid.


  1. Six boys and we have a box of Barbies and clothes and a big pink Barbie car. I AM a girl and we have nieces and now 2 granddaughters. LOL Keep the car.

  2. the shoes make me laugh. that's hilarious.


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