Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Phoenix Update

Seems like I'm updating a lot, huh? Well, I am. But I just saw one of my beautiful girls this morning as she was eating her breakfast and thought, "I need to put that picture I took of Phoe the other day on the blog." So I am. I so rarely follow through with a thought that I'm congratulating myself today. You'll just have to follow along!

Phoe seems to be doing pretty well with the simple modifications we've made to her eating routine (feeding her up on the counter so she has to stretch out and reach it, smaller amounts more times during the day, and soaking her food). She rarely gets treats anymore as they cause her to gag since she can't swallow them quickly like a normal dog would be able to.

I took this photo the other day when we were leaving to run errands, and she was playing ball with me before we left. Isn't she gorgeous? She's still thin and probably always will be. On one hand that's bad because you want to know she's gaining weight by looking at her, but on the other GSDs are supposed to be on the thin side since hip dysplasia can be such a problem. She doesn't act "sick" at all and definitely isn't as downright skinny as she was a few weeks ago when she was diagnosed. She's only had one of the violent "getting sick" (to put it oh so much more delicately than it really is) episodes since December 5th, so I think she's doing pretty well. I still need to take her in to get a Bordetella vaccination, so we'll have her weighed then.

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