Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grow Much?

SWK was looking kind of tall this morning, so I went to measure him. When we got to the wall where we have piece of paper hanging to track their growth, I found that DH had just measured him on Sunday. Apparently, I'm not the only one who has noticed that he has grown almost an inch in 2 months. On the height predictor sites, he is predicted to be 6'4" when he is fully grown. Right now, he's still my baby even though he is 51 and 5/8" tall. He'll be 7 in June, and he's still very slender. I had to ratchet up his belt on Sunday to keep his pants from looking like he was a rap star. Size 8's are long enough, but mercy, he still needs the elastic inserts that come in Osh Kosh pants.

When he saw the above picture, he said, "Why does my toe keep coming out?" I told him, "I think you're too long for them now." "NO! I'm not!" He still likes his footed pajamas! And really, who doesn't?

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