Friday, March 26, 2010

How Old Do They Think I Am?

At Christmas, I found a copy of The Lone Ranger at Target in the dollar bin, so I picked it up and gave it to the boys for a present. Now, for little boys who have "grown up" watching Star Wars and The Incredibles, The Lone Ranger didn't look very exciting. "Um, thanks Mommy." But I had watched many an episode of The Lone Ranger, and he and Tonto rank right up there with Half-pint and Mary in my opinion. So, I've waited patiently to introduce them to the wonders of "Hi-o Silver!"

This week was the week that my boys found out about the Masked Man and his loyal sidekick. They are in love. We've watched the three episodes that were included on the DVD at least 4 times, and they have been The Lone Ranger with their little Lego guns at least twice that many times. Ju has even requested to wear his bike helmet so he could be "de Wone Wane-ja." There have been bodies sprawled all over the floor and the carnage has been great.

This morning, SWK (who I may have to start referring to as "Kimo Sabe") asked me this morning if people drove cars back then, referring to the Southwest Territory where the Lone Ranger made it his mission to make the country safe and law-abiding, to bring one hundred men to justice for every one of the Texas Rangers who died at the hands of the evil Cavendish gang. (I may have watched the three episodes a few too many times.) Oh, so back to the car question, I said, No, people didn't drive cars back then.
"Because of all the rocks?" he asked.
"Um, no, because cars weren't invented yet."
So he pondered that one for a while, then came back with, "So, did your family have horses and one of those trailers with four wheels to carry your family in?"
"Hmm. You mean, a wagon?"
"Yeah, a wagon. Did your family have one of those wagon thingys?"

My birthday is next week, and I'll probably be licking my wounds until then.

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