Monday, June 7, 2010

Five Years Ago...

I was hanging out in the hospital, waiting for an epidural to take effect (oh, yes, I did!), and waiting to add what I was sure to be a girl to our family. Um, nope, he was and is a boy, through and through.

Dear Baby Jay (even though you are five years old today, you have declared
to us that your name shall forever be "Baby Jayden" or "Baby Jadon" ("because
that's how it's spelled in the Bible"),
You are a sweet, loving boy who loves to be held. Every night, you ask me "Will you give me peanut butter on a spoon and chocolate milk in the morning and will you hold me?" Your love language is touch. Whenever you get in trouble, your first instinct is to want to be held. If you get hurt, you need to be held. If you're happy, (after the literal hand-stands) you ask to be held. Seeing a theme here, kiddo?)

You also have a temper and are very passionate (I say you get it from NawNaw, but it probably came through me directly). I pray for you that the passion that God gave you will be directed toward following Christ whole-heartedly. I pray you will be passionate about the orphans and the injustice in the world. I pray that you will be able to direct that anger that bubbles up into a righteous tool to defend the poor and the needy in Jesus name.

I see wonderful things for your future, Baby Jay, and I know that God will use you. You told us last year that you had asked Jesus to come into your heart, "you know, when I was three?" I believe that you do love Jesus with all of your heart, and Daddy and I will raise you (with God's help) to want to serve Him and be a disciple, a learner, one who is willing to go wherever He leads you, whether it's safe or not. I don't pray for safety long-term for you, Jay. I pray for wisdom, and I pray for a magnificient obsession with the things of Christ. May you always love Him like you do right now. May you always believe and know that Jesus can do ANYTHING He wants. May you be willing to have Him do whatever He wants with you, and Lord, help me to always pray this way. Mommy and Daddy love you, sweet Baby Jay. You're a delight and a treasure, and you've grown up so much in these five short years. You make me laugh every day with your quick wit and your love of numbers. You are your Daddy's boy, and I'm proud to be your Mommy.


At the blueberry fields when you were 1

Your 2nd birthday

Number 3!

Finally 4!

AND NOW YOU'RE 5 (yes, really!)

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