Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Job Security

Cake Decorators: You have no need to be afraid of me. Zilch.

Jayden wanted a "Lego Batman" cake for his birthday, and while I'm in awe of some cakes I've seen (not Lego, but nonetheless), I'm too, shall we say, cheap to pay for them. So, I made his cake. He wanted a strawberry cake. So I felt a little like the Shelby of Steel Magnolias (one of my favorite movies) when she was talking about the groom's cake that was in the shape of an armadillo, but it was a red velvet cake "with gray icing! I can't even begin to think about how you make gray icin'! It's gonna look like we're hackin' into a poor armadillo!"

I know what you mean, Shelby. I really do. I felt bad for poor Batman, and only partially because it looked like we were hackin' into him. Mainly, I felt sorry for him because...well, you'll see.

I started out by making a copy of the front of the Wii game "Lego Batman" but that was gonna be a small cake, so I enlarged it and free-handed some extra-large wings. Oh, the gory details shall not all be mentioned here, but let's just say that Batman's middle? Stuffed. Batman's helmet-hat-thingy? Glued together in spots. Cake? Tasted good! And Jayden? LOVED IT! (The only other problem (besides an ugly cake) is that SWK has decided he wants me to make Mr. Freeze for his birthday...um. Great.)
Monday (Memorial Day when we actually had tons of people from church for a picnic/party) I got up early and dashed to town to find the can of spray (seriously, like an aerosol can for your cake) to make the marshmallows actually look like Lego knobs and not like domino dots. But I forgot to get a picture of the after.

Residual damage? Lots. I have pictures of several people's tongues but for their privacy (and who really wants their tongue on the internet? I mean, yuck!) I will just invade my own children's privacy (oh, that reminds me of a funny story...another time).

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