Monday, July 12, 2010

B90 Week 2

After a great week of "meeting" the ladies I'll be mentoring, it seems kind of a let down to say I'm a day behind, but so be it.

One of my most insightful readings actually occurred on Day 2 (not that there weren't others during the week, but maybe this one was the one that caused me to think the most?). In Genesis 17:2, the Lord is speaking and He says, "I will confirm my covenant between me and you and I will greatly increase your numbers." As an English degree-holding-person, I cringed when I actually paid attention to that sentence. "Me and you?" We know that in a sentence, "me" actually comes after "you." Maybe it's politeness or whatever, but it is grammatically incorrect to refer to yourself before the other person.

Unless you're God (which, I'm gonna bet, you aren't...and neither am I!).

When my boys get rowdy during prayer time, I tend to remind them, "Boys, we are talking to the God of the Universe, the one who created you and everything here. Let's show a little respect and pay attention, huh?" You know what? He doesn't need to be reminded Who He is. I am going to also bet that some of this has to do with English/NIV/etc. But seriously, God is the one who created Covenant and He's going to be the one who upholds it, so if He (the Creator of the Universe) wants to put Himself first, who am I to say it's grammatically incorrect?

I also love Exodus 13:14 (referring to the Passover), "when your son asks "What does this mean?" the Israelites were to tell about God's deliverance from the Egyptians. It reminds me that I should be living my life in such a way, that my boys ask, "Why do we do this, Mommy?" I usually get asked that about church. "Why???" (usually on Sunday mornings when our routine is a lot different!). My answer is usually something like this, "Because in this family, we love Jesus, and His Bible tells us to gather with other people who love Him, so that's why. We're being obedient to Jesus." Only, we need His help to be a lot more obedient than the Israelites! (I haven't gotten to the part where the golden calf "jumps up out of the fire" but I know it's coming!"

How's you're week? Have you kept up? Feeling discouraged? To paraphrase Dori from Finding Nemo, "Just keep reading! Just keep reading!" It'll be worth it not only to finish, but to know God better in the end! I won't be so excited to tell Him about all the hours I've spent watching television or hanging out on the computer, but I will be excited to tell Him how much meaningful time I've spent in His word. Go check in with Amy at Mom's Toolbox to see how everyone else is doing!

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  1. I'm there too. I'm behind and need to read, read, read!


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