Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wishful Thinking

Since we've decided to take the house off of the market for awhile, I decided that I must paint! I love to pick out paint and to do the actual painting, but the prep work (clearing the room, taping, etc.) not so much.

The room we're (that would be "we" as in "I" am doing the painting and "DH" is doing the paying for the paint) is our "office" (I love quotation marks, but beyond that, they do serve a purpose). We call it our office even though we keep our computer and other officey stuff in the main living area (we have a "Great Room" situation), so I'm sort of claiming the office as a schoolroom/craftroom/playroom for the chill'uns. (Actually, they just tend to make it the playroom on their own. They tend to follow me wherever I am). The school work usually takes place at the kitchen table (again, we don't have a dining room that's separate or that would be my ideal school area).

Here's the room I'm planning on painting:

And it's usually only this clean when we were showing the house!

And here's the color, a lovely greyish/blueish-turquoise called "voyage" and a lovely "sand pearl," a fancy-shmancy name for a tan-ish cream.

I had thought, "Sure, it'll be easy to get all this painted, rearranged and ready to go all before Saturday when we're leaving for Texas." That way when we get home, I can get lesson plans done, laminating for chore charts and a modified workbox system (a help, I hope, that will encourage the boys to see what they need to do and more importantly, get it done!). In addition to painting, I also love to give myself lots of stuff to do before a deadline, so I get stressed out BUT I usually do get a lot more accomplished that way. It's sad, really.

I picked up a sample today of the two colors to see how well they will cover the Philadelphia Eagles green (Glidden has great team colors, by the way). I am contemplating buying the Behr paint from Home Depot that has the paint and primer all in one, so I thought I'd check that sample out today.

When we returned home from our plethora of errands, I quickly slapped some paint on the wall to see which wall would look better with the blue color, etc. I had a couple of fascinated lookers-on, but thought nothing of it since I said the actual words, "That's wet; don't touch!"

Imagine my surprise and utter shock (insert eye roll here) when I came back in to take a picture of the color and found this:

Somehow, I don't think the painting is going to go as easily as I thought! I think there's a reason why I always paint after the little people go to bed!

But (total side-note here; I know you're shocked), wouldn't that wall with the window look lovely painted the blue color with "built-in" shelves? Painted white, of course. However, it would be totally a waste of time to paint that wall and then fill it with books. I don't subscribe very well to the theory of wasting space on your bookshelves. In fact, we still have 15 boxes of books (quite literally) stored in the garage. (I know! I have culled, people, til I can't cull anymore!)

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