Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fall Into Reading Wrap Up

I enjoyed participating in Katrina's Fall Into Reading Challenge this time. I didn't finish all of the books that I had challenged myself to read, but I also added in a couple (code for about 10) extra "fun" books (a couple by Laura Childs, a few other mysteries) that weren't on my original list.

Here's how I did:
I finished The Hole in Our Gospel by Rich Stearns. In a word? Challenging. Painful. Convicting. Okay, that's three words, but choose one and it applies.

I didn't (that is...DID NOT) finish reading Good and Angry (did buy it, though so I can finish it later) or Shepherding a Child's Heart.

I finished all but one of the Aimee Leduc Investigations books (I have it now from the library and will finish it this week). I also finished Piece de Resistance and Savannah by the Sea. I didn't even start Pride and Prejudice. I did purchase Walking the Choctaw Road, and I look forward to finishing it soon as well.

I have definitely always had a bent toward fiction (especially mysteries), and I didn't vary much from that! I think all of the 'extra' books I read were mysteries as well! Next time, I'll stretch myself a little bit more (just a little bit, though!).

I look forward to joining the Spring Reading Thing that Katrina hosts as well. Maybe I'll stretch then!

I'll be reading the Bible in 90 days again beginning in January, so I won't have as much time to read 'extra' stuff then.

Though maybe I will take time to update my blog a little more than once every three months... we'll see :)

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  1. I ended up adding in extras as well. Hard to keep to a list set way back in September! Ha. I didn’t read The Hole in the Gospel, but I did listen to it. Yes, challenging for sure. I’m still reading Good and Angry; I read it a few years back, but it needed dusting off.


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