Thursday, December 30, 2010

Phoenix Red Rising 8/27/08-12/29/10

January 2010

It was time.

She'd spent a year and a half being sick after every meal, yet she only perked up her ears whenever you spoke to her. She chased balls and rocks or anything that moved, cars being a favorite, but even cars weren't that interesting anymore. And I hated throwing balls to her because she'd still chase enthusiastically, but she didn't have any extra calories to expend. She was still so beautiful and so loving, but she was miserable. To hang onto her any longer was for my benefit alone.

I stayed with her til the end, and the end came quickly, leaving the vet to reassure me that I'd made the right choice. Maybe the right choice but a hard one.

Layla is a bit confused right now, wondering where that young whippersnapper is hiding, wondering if she's sneaking up on her even now.

As Judah looks at these pictures, he said, "But she's not hurting." Not anymore, Baby, not anymore.

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