Friday, March 11, 2011

Past and Present Colliding

When I was little, I had a monkey that I don't really remember anything about except that he was always there, and his name was "Monk Monk." I don't really even remember not having Monk Monk, so he must be pretty old (I'll be 38 this year!). I think he belonged to my older sister who was 15 when I was born, and that means he was probably passed down through all 5 of us kids!

Last night, in an effort to clean out and de-clutter as much as possible, I decided to go through my boxes in the garage that contain all my dolls, Barbie dolls, and stuffed animals from my childhood. I think I've written about one of my dolls that my grandmother had made, but one of my other treasures (oh, I have a few) is Monk Monk. Yes, I still have him, and yes, he smells a little musty from formerly living in a house with smokers plus being packed away for many years. But when I introduced him to my boys last night, I had one taker who was ready to love on an old monkey, a monkey who might need a stitch or two in the right places to keep him together for another few years. So, here they are together: two of my treasures; one from my past and one who is my present.

I think Monk Monk is gonna love this kid!

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