Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cough, Cough, Sneeze, Sneeze

We've all got it, except the SWK. DH finally succumbed to it today with a hoars-y voice and a slight cough. He's taking the day off tomorrow, so he won't infect the whole workplace. The others of us are on the tail end of it...please, Lord, make it so. Bounce wasn't bouncy on Tuesday and even requested a nap. I immediately called the doctor! By the time we were in the walk-in clinic, he was almost crying with his ears hurting. Now, he's had this nasty little cold/sinus thing since Monday last week!! He woke up at 3 in the a.m. exactly a week earlier with 103 temp. It took that long to manifest itself into an ear infection! So, now I feel like a heel for being short with him when he was a little whiney. Bad Mommy! Ju Ju Bees is clearing up, and he's been dealing with teeth issues, too, so that's a double whammy! Good news for him (uh-oh news for us): he's pulling up and trying to figure out how to cruise. He's also trying to figure out how to sit down without a loud plop, too, but I'm sure he'll figure that out soon! Bounce is not happy about the whole pulling up thing, and he starts screeching, "Mommy, det him! Det Ju Ju Bees; he's gonna wobber all over my twains! (or "my dars," or "my puppy," Insert anything here!). I think there's gonna be issues there. Maybe it's a middle child thing. Whattya say, My Middle Sister?

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