Thursday, May 22, 2008

DH's Birthday

Happy Birthday DH! You're one of a kind. Your mom and sisters think I'm a saint. Of course, they're right, but we all know that you're pretty wonderful and that we're a great pair. I'm glad we had a nice quiet (HA! is anything ever quiet around here?) pizza night with our boys although it would always be nicer to have more family around for birthdays and other celebrations.

You're a blessing to me and to our family, and God is truly the giver of good gifts. He first gave you to your mom and dad and then to me. Sometimes, we don't see eye-to-eye (Let's see: wuss music, how important coffee is, animals, cheeseburgers at my cheeseburger place, a fence, horses, trucks, country music; hmm. I'll stop now.), but truly you are a great husband and a wonderful leader for our family. So, Happy Birthday, and may we celebrate many more together.

FYI, this was supposed to be done a little earlier in the night, but alas, what can I say, I'm only one woman!

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