Monday, June 2, 2008

Knock, Knock

The conversation at the dinner table went something like this:
SWK: Knock Knock
DH: Who's there?
SWK: Dwain
DH: Dwain who?
SWK: Dwain the bathtub; I'm dwowning!
DH: Okay, I've got one for you. Knock Knock.
SWK: Who's there?
DH: Boo
SWK: Boo who?
DH: Don't cry!
(Insert gales of laughter here). (Oh, and then insert Bounce, SWK, and HOURS of "boo," "boo who?" "Don't twy" with a shaking of the head. Seriously, hours. Even on the drive home from church tonight. And believe it or not, it was never not funny. These kids are hilarious!)

Since May 23rd, this has been happening:
Usually followed by: "Mommy, det him."

And then there's Saturday's activity:
We won. Of course, we did. Everybody wins with rookie sports! But SWK is good (seriously). Anybody shocked? Not me. His daddy is good, too.

And then there's this kid:
We're establishing a yogurt fund for our family because (or "ahcuz" if you're Bounce) he goes through A LOT of yogurt. He doesn't like juice and his preferred drink is coffee (I only give him a little with a LOT of milk and usually decaf because this kid does NOT need caffeine. YIKES!) So, he drinks several yogurts a day. We're going to have to put him on a budget, I think.

On the best note: I think we're all through being sick!! At least for this week!
Okay, one more cute picture...maybe two.

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